Sustainable Sailing – Eco-friendly Boating Tips

ECO-friendly Yachting - Green Sailing Tips

Happy new year everyone! Why not start the year with a green conscience? Here are some tips for environmentally friendly yachting.

Green-Sailing Holiday – How does it works? Most important rules for ECO-friendly Boating:

A. Sail as much as possible without using regular engine

B. Keep any rubbish you accumulate on board and throw away/ recycle back on land

Tips for environmentally friendly yachting

  1. Avoid using toxic cleaners. Only use non-toxic and non-phosphate based cleaners on board to avoid harming aquatic eco-systems
  2. Prevent spilling fuel by filling your tank slowly and leaving it 5-10% empty. Also, use funnels to fill portable tanks and keep absorbant cloths nearby to catch drips
  3. Spill proof your oil changes by placing drip pans under equipment that might leak, and always transfer fluids with care
  4. Take crockery on board if necessary to avoid using plastic plates and cups
  5. Dispose of sewage and empty the waste water tank using the facilities available at marinas and harbors
  6. Study the local waterways to be aware of and cautious in sensitive sea areas and marine habitats

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