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On St Martin in the Caribbean, white sands and turquoise waters stretch as far as the eye can see. This route takes you to the most beautiful islands and beaches off the beaten track. If you’re looking for inspiration, our sailing itinerary allows you to sail in short stages to take in all of the surrounding beauty.

7 days sailing route suggestion St. Martin - Caribbean

St. Martin1 week Sailing Caribbean

  1. Oyster Pond – Saint Maarten (St. Martin)
  2. Tintamarre
  3. Anguilla
  4. Petite Caye & Grandes Cayes
  5. Pinel
  6. Orient Bay / Green Cay
  7. Oyster Pond

Sailing Route Saint Martin (St Maarten)

7 days St. Martin – Suggested Sailing Itinerary

Whether you take Bareboat or crewed yacht for your journey, there will be no difference if you decide to choose the route. You will definitelly have the ultimate experience sailing in the Caribbean! Here is our suggested sailing route for your trip.

DAY 1. Check-in Oyster Pond – Setting Sails

Yacht Charter Oyster Pond

Oyster Pond
Stock up on supplies

Be sure to buy plenty of supplies inland before setting sail from Oyster Pond, as on this route you will not see a single supermarket.

DAY 2. “On the Road” – Sailing to Il Tintamarre

Ile Tintamarre –
Relax on the unspoiled island

The first stop is Il Tintamarre, where the sublime beaches seem untouched, there are also natural mud baths to bathe in which can be beneficial for the skin.

DAY 3. Discover Caribbean – Sailing to Anguilla

Sailing Route Anguilla - Caribbean

Anguilla – 
Recline on the long, sandy beach

After stopping at Il Tintamarre, we recommend sailing to Anguilla. Anchoring at Cove Bay, you can enjoy the laid back atmosphere on the long, white sandy beach. Smokey’s restaurant is in Cove Bay overlooking the sea, which serves some lovely dishes.

DAY 4. On the Way Back – Petite Caye & Grandes Cayes

St. Martin Beach - Yacht Vacation Caribbean

Petite Caye & Grandes Cayes –
Deserted beaches, hiking trails

On sailing back to Saint Martin, you can stop at Petite Caye beach – a totally deserted bay only accessible by boat. Hiking trails lead inland if you want to explore some of the flora and fauna of the island. Grand Caye, slightly further south is another quiet, pristine beach popular with the locals.

DAY 5. Take a Break at Il Pinel

Snorkeling - Yacht Vacation Caribbean

Il Pinel –
Reef snorkeling

From either of these bays you can sail to the Island of Il Pinel which is a particularly good spot for reef snorkeling as the beaches there are protected from surf. There are two restaurants on this island should you want refreshments. 

DAY 6. “Sail across the Sun” visit Orient Bay / Green Cay

St Marteen - Yachting in the Caribbean

Orient Bay/ Green Cay –
Join in the activities or retreat to Green Cay

If you have tired of tranquility at this point, pull into Orient Bay, one of Saint Martin’s most popular destinations where cafes, water sporting activities and live music can be found. The deserted island of Green Cay lies off Orient Bay and can be the final secluded retreat on your journey.

DAY 7. Sailing Back – Return to the Marina

St Martin - Marina Harbour

Oyster Pond Harbour – Disembarkation

After your 1 week yacht holiday in the Caribbean, you are guaranteed to return home feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to start planning your next Caribbean sailing vacation.

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