Corsica: A Sailing Itinerary around the Île de beauté

Sailing Holiday Corsica - France Yacht Vacation
Sailing Holiday Corsica (France) –

It is easy to see why Corsica is referred to as the ‘Île de beauté’. Magnificent medieval port towns tower over the emerald waters on the rocky, rugged coast. There is an air of low key sophistication on this French island, and it is a dream come true for lovers of wine, beaches, mountain walking, and of course sailing.

7 Days Corsica – Suggested Sailing Itinerary

Macinaggio Bay

Macinaggio is a typically rustic and picturesque Corsican port town from which to begin your journey.

Saint Florent is a small historic port town. The old town has narrow streets and some charming waterfront cafes and restaurants. From St Florent you can explore the nearby Patrimonio wine region, an area famous for making some of the best wines in Corsica. Take a tour of the vineyards and sample some delicious Nieluccio or Vermentino.

Sailing west along the coast you will approach Calvi, and see the impressive Citadel overlooking the sea. There are chic cafes, restaurants and boutiques nestled in the medieval streets of the city.

The western coast of Corsica is characterized by jagged red cliffs and rock formations. Girolata is located in the Scandola Nature Reserve and is an incredibly scenic anchorage. There are plenty of grottoes, coves and sandy beaches to explore here by boat.

Cargese is another charming seaside port town, and from here one can reach the Mare e Monti and the Mare a Mare walking trails.

Next Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica and the birthplace of Napolean. The former Bonaparte residence has been turned into an interesting museum. There are also some excellent restaurants in the city, and more fantastic vineyards to discover in the Ajaccio region.

Delightful beaches can be found around Propriano and Campomoro.

From Propriano we suggest sailing to Bonifacio to take in the exceptional scenery. There is a lot to explore in this maze of a city that perches on tall white cliffs over the ocean. Walking along these cliffs is truly fantastic. Sailors often travel from Bonifacio to nearby Sardinia

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