Sailing in Turkey (Bodrum) – 7 Days Gulf of Gokova

Turkish Riviera Sailing Holiday -Mediterranean
Sailing Holiday Turkey –

Have a delightful sailing holiday in Turkey around The Gulf of Gokova. Bathe in the warm turquoise waters and discover the area’s fascinating history. On this route you will find ancient cities, healing baths and beaches fit for a Queen…

Sailing in Turkey – 7 Days itinerary Gulf of Gokova - Bodrum

Bodrum – Cökertme – Sehri Ada – Yedi Adalar – Bodrum

1. Bodrum
2. Kara Ada
3. Cökertme (Cleopatra Island)
4. Sehri Adalari
5. English Harbour (Ingilizi Limani)
6. Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands)
7. Bodrum

Sailing Itinerary Turkey – 7 Days Route Suggestion Bodrum

Bodrum  – Kara Ada

Begin your trip in the exciting city of Bodrum, the marina here has excellent facilities and the waterfront has some elegant restaurants and cafes. The Castle of St Peter overlooks the sea, and families may be interested in visiting the museum of underwater archaeology.

Kara Ada Island - Borum Sailing Route

Kara Ada Island – Cökertme

Kara Ada Island is only six kilometers from Bodrum. There are no settlements on the island but there are coves and beaches to explore. There is a cave on the island that has thermal springs which are said to have healing powers, and the mud here is supposed to be beneficial for the skin.

The Greek Island of Kos is only a few nautical miles south west of Bodrum should sailors decide on a detour to Greece.

Çökertme - Cokertme

Çökertme – Sehir Adalari

At Çökertme you can anchor in front of Captain Ibrahim’s Taverna. Local cuisine is served in the restaurant and this is a sheltered stop over for the night.

Cleopatra Island - sailing holiday Turkey - Bodrum

Cleopatra Island – English Harbour

The Sehir Adalari is around 20 nautical miles distance from Çökertme. This is a group of three beautiful islands, the most frequently visited being Sedir Island or ‘Cleopatra Island’. The island is named after Cleopatra due to the legend that she and her lover Marc Antony spent time together here.

According to folk lore, the sand on Cleopatra Beach was transported from the Sahara in order to make the beach more comfortable for the queen, and studies of the sand support this myth. It is a lovely swimming spot, and the ancient ruins of Cedrae also lie on the island.

Ingilizi Limani - English Harbour - Sailing Holiday Turkey

English Harbor – Yedi Adalar

Ingilizi Limani – English Harbour (Degirmen Bükü) has some good anchorages, a couple of restaurants and a supermarket. There are many wonderful sandy beaches amongst the inlets of this bay.

Seven Islands – Bodrum

Sailing to Yedi Adalar or the Seven Islands, the scenery becomes even more spectacular. There are plenty of convenient anchorages all around the islands and Küfre Bay is a safe natural harbor.

The Seven Islands are a perfect location for snorkeling and diving to coral reefs, or swimming in the clear waters. It is also nice to walk through the pine forests that cover the land and take in the wildlife.

Sailing Holiday Turkey - Bodrum

Return to Bodrum

Which boat?

Begin a sailing holiday in Turkey with the charter a Catamaran in Bodrum. It is ideal for a large group vacation. It is stable, comfortable and can reach high speeds. The boat is perfect for exploring the inlets and islands of The Gulf of Gokova, as it is easy to maneuver into secluded beaches and coves. The living areas are spacious and nicely furnished, as well as being family friendly. There is plenty of room on deck to dine, socialize and enjoy the water.

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