360° Camera on an Amazing Sail Boat Adventure in the Arctic on Your iPad

Download the iPad app and use your fingers to see the fantastic nature around with the help of a 360° movie experience. The expedition team enables us to take part on their adventure we have never seen before. Fly with a helicopter over the Arctic ice. Leave the harbor with the “DAX”, a small sailing yacht. Find and enjoy the icebergs at your fingertip. Or try the camera perspective during the sail boat leaving the marina.

A research trip across water, ice and snow: Follow them 9,000 kilometers through one of the coldest regions on earth. Join a group of scientists, artists, filmmakers and writers from Iceland to Western Alaska. In the interactive web series you can meet locals and learn what the global warming means for life and cultural traditions in the northern latitudes.

Full story on Arte.tv (unfortunately in Europe only and in FR or GER)

Behind the scene one, Behind the scene two, Behind the scene three

Advantage of a Yacht Charter

Chartering a yacht is a great alternative to the typical beach vacation.

Are you looking for a relaxing and exciting alternative to the standard beach vacation? If you answer “yes,” then I highly recommend you escape your dull, monotonous daily life and trade it for a week-long yacht charter holiday. Chartering a yacht is a great alternative to the typical beach vacation. Whether it is winter, fall, spring, or summer, there are always great sailing conditions throughout the world.

It’s baffling that people spend thousands, if not millions of dollars purchasing a yacht they use a few times per year. While the yacht sits in the marina, the owners still need to pay thousands of dollars in harbor fees, insurance, taxes, fuel, and general maintenance expenses every month! Many people joke that “YACHT” is an acronym for “Break Out Another Thousand” and a yacht is a hole in the water that you keep throwing money into. In truth, these jokes are valid. Why spend an absurd amount of money buying and upkeeping a yacht when chartering is cheaper and just as enjoyable?

Yacht charters provide a particular freedom where you can be as relaxed or adventurous as you wish. Take a dinghy to shore and spend the entire day at the beach or snorkel around your yacht charter; it’s your decision!  This rare freedom allows you to stay in different sites without the hassle of packing your suitcases every night and moving into a new hotel.

Yachtcharter Sailboat

Explore the far corners of the world and discover the immense beauty of the world. Traveling during the peak of tourism season can harm the quality of your vacation. Expensive hotel rooms, long lines at points of interest, crowded restaurants, people carelessly walking in front while you take a picture, heavy traffic; the list is endless. A chartered yacht allows you to vacation during the peak tourism season and miss out on the negatives that were previously mentioned. Either dock in popular marinas or anchor in secluded coves kilometers away from tourist-crawling areas.

Broaden your sailing skills by operating various yacht models like catamarans, sailboats, houseboats or motoryachts. You limit yourself to one boat when you own a yacht but when you charter yachts, you have access to operating diversified vessels and locations. Currently high recommenden and most wanted charter destinations are Turkey, Italy and Greece (Europe). The best charter yachts in the The Mediterranean Sea for your boating vacation you can book directly on the Yacht Charter YACHTICO.com

Though it’s mentioned last in this post but is at the top of the list of “Advantages of Chartering a Yacht”  is for the unforgettable and irreplaceable experience you have with your crew. Build stronger relationships with family and friends because of the unforgettable memories that are shared between everyone.

Have fun and enjoy your yacht charter holiday wherever you go!

TOP 10 Reiseziele in Kroatien

TOP 10 Anlaufstellen in Kroatien
Diesen März ist Kroatien unser Ziel des Monats, denn es ist eines der beliebtesten Reiseziele für Segeltörns und Yachtcharter Europas.
Wir schicken Sie an eine traumhafte Mittelmeerküste und geben Ihnen einige Empfehlungen mit auf den Segeltrip:
Top 4 Strände:
1. Bellevue in Baska (Kvarner)
2. Bijeca in Medulin (Istrien)
3. Zlatni Rat in Bol (Süddalmatien)
4. Saline in Biograd (Norddalmatien)
Top 3 Kultur:
1. Dubrovnik (Stadtmauer)
2. Split (Diokletian-Palast)
3. Euphrasius-Basilik in Porec
Top 3 Natur:
1. Nationalpark Plitvicer Seen
2. Nationalpark auf Kornati (Kornati)
3. Krka Wasserfälle (Krk)

YACHTICO verfeinert die Suche – Yachtsuche online

Um das Ergebnis einer Suchanfrage zu verbessern führt YACHTICO.com die Suche nach Datum ein. Dies ermöglicht dem Kunden alle sofort verfügbaren Boote in seinem Reisezeitraum auf einen Blick angezeigt zu bekommen.
Das richtige Boot zu finden ist der erste Schritt hin zu einem tollen Urlaub auf dem Wasser. Ob nun mit einem Segelboot, Motorboot, Katamaran oder Hausboot. Die Auswahl ist groß und die Suche nach dem richtigen Boot kann mühselig sein. Deshalb hat YACHTICO.com jetzt die Suche nach Datum eingeführt. Was etwa im Bereich Hotel oder Ferienwohnungen schon seit Jahren Standard ist, ist im Bereich Boots- und Yachtcharter bisher nur vereinzelt vorhanden.

Um die Suche zu nutzen muss einfach nur der Ort oder die Destination ausgewählt werden in der der Törn stattfinden soll. Anschließend wird ein Start- und Enddatum vom Reisenden definiert und schon werden alle sofort verfügbaren Boote auf der Seite angezeigt. Diese können anschließend direkt gebucht werden und verlangen keine zusätzliche Anfrage bei dem Eigner oder Operator vor Ort. Diese Option macht die Suche wesentlich benutzerfreundlicher, schneller und auch effektiver.

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