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Recommended places, pre-selected itineraries, tips, suggestions and ideas for your Yacht Vacation in the Mediterranean Sea


TOP 5 Fantastic Sailing Grounds in Italy

The most exciting sailing destinations in Italy.

Italy has to be top of the list of exciting sailing destinations. The 7,600 kilometers of sparkling coastline are steeped in history and natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy Unesco World Heritage Sites, art galleries and gelatories galore. Explore ancient cities or relax in sandy coves – just be sure to sample the mind blowing cuisine along the way.

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Corsica: A Sailing Itinerary around the Île de beauté

Sailing Holiday Corsica - France Yacht Vacation
Sailing Holiday Corsica (France) –

It is easy to see why Corsica is referred to as the ‘Île de beauté’. Magnificent medieval port towns tower over the emerald waters on the rocky, rugged coast. There is an air of low key sophistication on this French island, and it is a dream come true for lovers of wine, beaches, mountain walking, and of course sailing.

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Trip Recommendation – Greece: Spoil yourself in the Sporades

Sailing Holiday Sporades Islands - Greece Yacht Charter
Sailing Holiday Greece – Sporades Islands –

Greece has a Mediterranean climate and the sailing season runs from April to October. It is best to sail in the Sporades in April, May, September and October. 

Sailing Route Suggestion for Greece - 7 Days Sporades Islands

Skiathos – Skopelos –
Alonissos – Skyros – Skiathos

1. Skiathos
2. Skopelos
3. Patitiri, Alonissos
4. Steni Vala, Alonissos
5. Skantzoura
6. Linaria, Skyros
7. Panormos, Skopelos
Return to Skiathos

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