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Recommended places, pre-selected itineraries, tips, suggestions and ideas for your Yacht Vacation in Italy.

TOP 5 Fantastic Sailing Grounds in Italy

The most exciting sailing destinations in Italy.

Italy has to be top of the list of exciting sailing destinations. The 7,600 kilometers of sparkling coastline are steeped in history and natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy Unesco World Heritage Sites, art galleries and gelatories galore. Explore ancient cities or relax in sandy coves – just be sure to sample the mind blowing cuisine along the way.

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Yachting in Italy – Sail around The Gulf of Naples

Sailing Holiday Italy - Yacht Vacation in Neapel
Sailing Holiday Neapel (Italy) –

Begin a sailing trip from Naples and soak up the glamour, history and culture of Campania. For a fantasic sailing holiday in Italy, explore the cities and islands in the bay of Naples.

7 Days Sailing in The Gulf of Naples - Yacht Vacation Italy

Naples – Ischia – Capri – Sorrento

1. Naples
2. Pozzuoli
3. Procida
3. Ischia
4. Capri
5. Sorrento
6. Back to Naples

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