Greek Islands: Epic Sailing in the Land of the Gods

Yacht Holiday Greece - Sailing around Greek Islands
Sailing Holiday Greece –

The most popular sailing areas in Greece are: The Ionian Islands, the Cyclades, the Saronic Gulf, The Dodecanese, and The Sporades Islands. The Ionian Islands are an ideal place for beginners.

Discover Greek Islands – Sailing Holiday Greece

Paros & The Cyclades

Paros is a good starting point from which to explore the Cyclades, an island group characterized by white stone houses, sandy beaches and rolling valleys. Other popular islands in the group are Naxos, Mykonos, and Santorini. Mykonos and Naxos have big party scenes, but quieter corners of the islands can be found by boat. White washed buildings stand out on the cliffs of Santorini, and due the island’s geographical location, it experiences unreal sunsets.

Corfu & The Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are perfect for extended sailing trips from Corfu or Preveza. They contain many gorgeous beaches and picturesque fishing villages. Corfu receives more rainfall than other Greek Islands and is incredibly lush and green. Lefkas, Paxos, Kefalonia, Kythira, Ithaca and Zakynthos are all fantastic islands. According to myth, Paxos was created when Poseidon broke off the southern tip of Corfu, to create a secret haven for him and his lover. Ithaki, the home of Odysseus is a lovely island, and Zakynthos is a must see with its blue caves and famous Navayio shipwreck.

Athens & The Saronic Islands

is the Greek capital and the home of the famous Acropolis. The Saronic Islands of Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spestus are easily accessible from the city. On Aegina there is the temple of Aphaia, and the deserted medieval town of Paleohora. Poros and Hydra both have picturesque harbors, and all the islands have pebbly beaches and clear waters. These islands are popular with Athenians at the weekend, but during the week you may have the beaches to yourself.

Rhodes & The Dodecanese Islands

Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese, and a great all round holiday destination with a diverse landscape and plenty of beaches and cultural sites. Rhodes Old Town has attractive narrow streets and is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. From Rhodes one can visit the other Dodecanese Islands. Patmos is a stunning island, and myth has it that the goddess Artemis fell in love with the island and had it brought up from the bottom of the sea where it once lay. Kos is the birthplace of the ancient healer Hippocrates, and one can visit the Plane tree under which he taught his pupils. The Ancient Theatre and Temple of Apollo, and the Neratzia Castle are also on Kos. Peace, quiet and traditional island life can be found on the islands of: Astipalea, Kalimnos, Karpathos, Kasos, Leros, Nisyros, Symi, Tilos and Kastelorizo.

Skiathos & The Sporades Islands

The Sporades Islands have some of the best beaches in Greece and Skiathos is home to many beautiful long stretches of golden sand. From Skopelos it is possible to visit the National Marine Park of North Sporades. These two islands along with Alonissos and Skyros are perfect for those who want to relax in Tavernas and on the beach.

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