“Making Waves” – Captain Lee Rosbach & Steffen Bruenn on Stage Talking about Yachting

Captain Lee - Below Deck & Steffen Bruenn - YACHTICO.com

Talk behind the stage. Captain Lee Rosbach | Below Deck & Steffen Bruenn | YACHTICO

Two captains sharing their passion. Both of them “live to sail and sail to live”.

Steffen an expert in travel technology and a dedicated sailor is a perfect combination to be YACHTICO’s “driver” and its customer. His opinion is highly respected in the yachting industry. Standing on deck with Captain Lee, discussing sailing while they wait for the day’s event to begin.

Making Waves in Boca

Check out the highlights from our recent Business of Yachting event. #BocaRaton #BusinessReimagined #MakingWavesInBoca

Posted by City of Boca Raton – Economic Development on Thursday, January 3, 2019
The highlights from Business of Yachting event.  “Making Waves”

Bravo TV Love for Sailing – Luxury Superyachts & Catamarans

Captian Lee Rosbach is the infamous star of Bravo TV “Below Deck” series. He is also joined by Bravo TV popular sailing series “Unanhored”.

You can book similar yachts featured both on “Below Deck” with Captain Lee and Bravo TV “Unanchored” on YACHTICO.com

Catamaran Lagoon 560 Below the Deck Series - Caribbean Yacht Charter

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