Yachtico Brings Yacht and Boat Charter Offerings to Travel Agents via Sabre

Yacht Boat Charter Offerings to Travel Agents via Sabre

DALLAS & BOCA RATON, FL–Yachtico, a Florida-based company, has launched within the Sabre travel marketplace, a move that allows travel agencies to book yacht and boat charters. The Yachtico app, which is now available through the Sabre Red App Centre, allows travel agents to choose from an inventory of 16,000 professionally operated motorboats, sailboats and houseboats around the world.

“This will take boat charters to a different level, as agents who choose the Yachtico app can easily offer travelers a unique, on-the-water experience as an alternative to the on-land vacation”

Yachts and boats are the new accommodation set for novice and experienced boaters seeking exciting vacation experiences. Yachtico brings yacht vacations within reach to all travelers by making their boat and yacht inventory available through the Sabre travel marketplace for travel agents to take advantage of this popular and lucrative market segment.

Yachtico helps Travel Agents to find great Yacht Holidays for their Customers.

Yachtico helps Travel Agents to find great Yacht Holidays for their Customers.

“This will take boat charters to a different level, as agents who choose the Yachtico app can easily offer travelers a unique, on-the-water experience as an alternative to the on-land vacation,” said Steffen Brunn, founder and CEO of YACHTICO.com

Unlike peer-to-peer boating rentals that come with a long list of risks, Yachtico offers a worldwide breadth of pre-selected, professionally operated yachts in every continent and 16,000 boats to choose from with options of hiring skipper and crew to create the ideal vacation any time of year.

Rather than spend a day on a boat or spend on select boating activities, it has become more popular and affordable to spend an entire vacation at sea with a wide range of charter choices from Yachtico and its professional partners. Chartering a motor yacht, sail boat or houseboat has become a bonding and memorable experience for audiences who seek adventure and quality time with travel companions. Yachtico.com boat charters also appeal to vacationers in all price ranges with Saturday to Saturday options ranging from $800 /week for a 4-person canal boat/houseboat up to $65,000 /week for a crewed 87 foot motor yacht.

About Yachtico.com

Connecting vacationers to the largest collection of trusted, professionally operated boat charters for week-long vacations, Yachtico is the world’s most complete resource for the sea faring traveler. Yachtico.com boasts 16,000 boats worldwide, offering vacationers affordable and luxury choices in every season starting from $200 per person per week. Search and explore boats and book online with no fees.


YACHTICO, the largest collection of yachts for charter (with or without crew), announces its top worldwide destinations for fall and winter yacht trips, based on climate, ease, and cost for value.

“Turkey, Cuba and US Virgin Islands rank in first, second and third place because of their outstanding conditions for fall and winter boating,” said Steffen Brunn, Yachtico CEO.   “We make choosing a yacht and boating vacations easy to book and plan and offer the industry’s largest collection of boats and yachts with all the protections of a professional fleet,” Brunn continued.

This Fall and Winter, Yachtico.com features a massive selection of 15,000 boats and yachts for week long itineraries/charters ranging from $800 /week for a 4 person canalboat/houseboat up to $65,000 /week for a crewed 87ft motor yacht, with online booking and no fees.  Yachtico.com inventory is aggregated from trusted partners around the world and consists only of professionally operated boats, each with photos and real time availability and full insurance coverage

Yachtico helps Travel Agents to find great Yacht Holidays for their Customers.

Travel with YACHTICO – find great Yacht for your next Holidays.


The Turkish coast is a simple sailing area. Navigationally, there are no challenges for sailors. The waters are protected, the visibility is good and the distances between the bays are small. Inexperienced yacht charter crews will find this district no problem as it is easy to navigate and well protected.  Prices quoted were researched for November 19-26, 2015.

$1507.61 for a Bavaria 36 Cruiser for 7 days Turkey

$2840-$6985 for a Jeanneau 53 Sailing boat for 7 days, sleeps 11

$3932 for a Catamaran Lagoon 380 for 7 days, sleeps 8


  1. CUBA

Ideal November through April, with the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean all within reach, Cuba is an ideal location for a sailing holiday. Sail from Cienfuegos on the southern coast of central Cuba in any direction to experience the full thrill of a yachting excursion. Prices quoted were researched for November 7-14, 2015.

Sun umbrella and beach chairs on tropical beach, Philippines, Boracay

$4161 for a Cat Belize 43 for 7 days, sleeps 10.

$3309 for a Yacht Bavaria 50 for 7 days, sleeps 10.

$6496 for a Catamaran Catana 47 for 7 days, sleeps 10.


With secluded beaches, pristine colorful coral, lush forests and gorgeous islands to charter between, it is no wonder that the U.S. Virgin Islands is one of the most beloved destinations for Yachtico travelers. Experience the cool blue water and relaxation that only Yachtico can provide with these luxury deals. Prices quoted were researched for trips December 3-10, 2015.

$8014 for a Catamaran Lipari 41 for 7 days, sleeps 8.

$3032 for a Yacht Estero for 7 days, sleeps 6.

$7722 for a Yacht Sun Odyssey 439 for 7 days, sleeps 8.


This Fall and Winter, explore the world from an alternate and exciting view with a yacht vacation to one of these top 3 ranked destinations and these handpicked itineraries from Yachtico.com, the largest online provider of professional yacht charters and rentals with online booking and no fees.   Small groups and families, regardless of their experience, can rent yachts and add on skippers and crews to create memorable experiences at any budget.

The following are Yachtico.com’s best picks for week-long, Saturday to Saturday trips by sea in great Fall and Winter destinations that did not make the top 3, ranging in price from very affordable $1,436 to ultra-luxurious $35,760.


$9617 for a Catamaran Catana 47 for 7 days, sleeps 10

Sailboat Rental Malaysia for 7 days, sleeps 6


$16120 for a Catamaran Leopard 47 for 7 days, sleeps 8

$3524 for a Sailing Yacht Pearson 40 for 7 days, sleeps 2


$3882 for a Cat Lagoon 380 S2 for 7 days sleeps 6

360° Camera on an Amazing Sail Boat Adventure in the Arctic on Your iPad

Download the iPad app and use your fingers to see the fantastic nature around with the help of a 360° movie experience. The expedition team enables us to take part on their adventure we have never seen before. Fly with a helicopter over the Arctic ice. Leave the harbor with the “DAX”, a small sailing yacht. Find and enjoy the icebergs at your fingertip. Or try the camera perspective during the sail boat leaving the marina.

A research trip across water, ice and snow: Follow them 9,000 kilometers through one of the coldest regions on earth. Join a group of scientists, artists, filmmakers and writers from Iceland to Western Alaska. In the interactive web series you can meet locals and learn what the global warming means for life and cultural traditions in the northern latitudes.

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