360° Camera on an Amazing Sail Boat Adventure in the Arctic on Your iPad

Download the iPad app and use your fingers to see the fantastic nature around with the help of a 360° movie experience. The expedition team enables us to take part on their adventure we have never seen before. Fly with a helicopter over the Arctic ice. Leave the harbor with the “DAX”, a small sailing yacht. Find and enjoy the icebergs at your fingertip. Or try the camera perspective during the sail boat leaving the marina.

A research trip across water, ice and snow: Follow them 9,000 kilometers through one of the coldest regions on earth. Join a group of scientists, artists, filmmakers and writers from Iceland to Western Alaska. In the interactive web series you can meet locals and learn what the global warming means for life and cultural traditions in the northern latitudes.

Full story on Arte.tv (unfortunately in Europe only and in FR or GER)

Behind the scene one, Behind the scene two, Behind the scene three

Top Ten Turkish Delicacies

Touring Turkey? Get ready to taste some of the most delicious cuisine in the world. Turkish dishes are influenced by a variety of cooking styles from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Central Asia. Foodies are in for a treat! Here are some popular dishes that are a must try:

1. Sis Kebab
The classic dish – marinated meat such as lamb, beef or chicken, skewered and grilled to perfection. Yum.

2. Karniyarik
Fried aubergines stuffed with minced meat, and a tomato sauce. Mouthwateringly good.

3. Köfte
Meatballs usually made with lamb, onions and spices. Spices such as cumin, cardamom and coriander are often used to give them a delicious taste.

4. Börek
Flaky pastries that are commonly filled with spinach and feta cheese or meat. Depending on the filling they can be a great snack or a meal in themselves.

5. Pide
Pide is fresh, white bread that is soft and fluffy in the middle. It is a staple in Turkish cuisine and a welcome accompaniment to any meal.

6. Yaprak Sarma
Succulent vine leaves stuffed with rice and drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice – heaven!

7. Lahmacun
Otherwise known as ‘Turkish Pizza.’ It is a thin flatbread covered with a mince and tomato topping that usually contains parsley, onions and garlic. It is often served rolled with salad and is a quick, tasty meal.

8. Cacik
A side dish made of yoghurt mixed with chopped cucumber, mint and lemon juice. It is increadibly refreshing and can be used as a palate cleanser.

9. Turkish Delight
These jellied sweets come in small cubes dusted with icing sugar. They are often flavored with rose water or lemon, as well as nuts and dates. Pretty, colorful and delightful!

10. Baklava
Sticky, sweet and satisfying. Baklava is a pastry filled with pistachios, almonds and walnuts that is soaked in honey.

A brief guide to Corsican wine

Following on from our Corsican sailing itinerary suggestion, it would be rude to visit Corsica without sampling some of the delicious wines that rarely make it off the island… and what better way to reward yourself after a hard days sail?

There are plenty of family run vineyards in the different regions that will be happy to offer you a tasting session – the only problem will be the lack of room back on the boat for your stash!

Corsica produces mainly red and rosé wine, and the whites are made almost exclusively from Vermentino, a widely grown grape on the island.

Patrimonio – The Patrimonio region is in the North of the island and is accessible from the coastal towns of Bastia and Saint-Florent. The Nielluccio grape makes up the majority of the red wine produced in the area that is dry and medium bodied.

Vin de Corse – The Vin de Corse region is in the North West near to Calvi. Red and rosé wines from the Vin de Corse region are generally comprised of a mixture of Nielluccio, Sciacarello and Grenache.

Ajaccio – The vineyards that surround the southwest town of Ajaccio, produce a lot of full, fruity red and rosé wines from the Sciacarello grape.

Muscat du Cap Corse – Cap Corse, on the very northern tip of the island, is famous for producing the sweet Muscat di Cap Corse desert wine, which is particularly delicious with fruit based deserts.