A brief guide to Corsican wine

Corsican Wine - Sailing Holiday

There are plenty of family run vineyards in the different regions that will be happy to offer you a tasting session – the only problem will be the lack of room back on the boat for your stash!

Following on from our Corsican sailing itinerary suggestion, it would be rude to visit Corsica without sampling some of the delicious wines that rarely make it off the island… and what better way to reward yourself after a hard days sail?

Corsica produces mainly red and rosé wine, and the whites are made almost exclusively from Vermentino, a widely grown grape on the island.

Patrimonio – The Patrimonio region is in the North of the island and is accessible from the coastal towns of Bastia and Saint-Florent. The Nielluccio grape makes up the majority of the red wine produced in the area that is dry and medium bodied.

Vin de Corse – The Vin de Corse region is in the North West near to Calvi. Red and rosé wines from the Vin de Corse region are generally comprised of a mixture of Nielluccio, Sciacarello and Grenache.

Ajaccio – The vineyards that surround the southwest town of Ajaccio, produce a lot of full, fruity red and rosé wines from the Sciacarello grape.

Muscat du Cap Corse – Cap Corse, on the very northern tip of the island, is famous for producing the sweet Muscat di Cap Corse desert wine, which is particularly delicious with fruit based deserts.

Sailing Holidays Corsica
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